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GTO Access Systems was founded in 1987 with the goal to provide affordable Do-It-Yourself gate automation solutions. By 2002 GTO Access Systems had become recognized as the leader in the residential DIY market, holding a 95% market share. Given our success in the consumer market, in 2003 GTO Access Systems expanded its product offering into the residential and professional markets.

In December of 2005, Nortek Inc. acquired GTO Access Systems. Through this acquisition GTO Access Systems became a member of large family of successful brands like Speakercraft, Frigidaire, Gefen, Niles, and Sunfire.

Nortek Inc. is a global, diversified company whose many market-leading brands deliver broad capabilities and a wide array of innovative, technology-driven products and solutions for lifestyle improvement at home and at work. The Company’s broad array of offerings includes audio-video and security solutions, digital display mounting solutions, ventilation products such as range hoods and bathroom fans, heating and cooling products, and air management systems.

From cleaner air to cleaner sound systems, Nortek’s extensive family of industry leading brands delivers a broad, diverse range of innovative lifestyle improvements for home and work. Each is born of out-of-the box thinking and fueled by state-of-the-art technology. Each is manufactured and supported with the highest standards of operational excellence. And each is designed with a single, unifying purpose: to make our customers’ lives better. It’s all part of maintaining a global standard of quality across our product groups.

By combining superior sales and customer service support with broad product lines, worldwide distribution channels, and strong brands, Nortek’s companies have become world leaders in the supply of quality building products. These same factors ideally position Nortek to meet the ever-changing needs of its global customer base now, and in the future. With trading partners and production facilities throughout the world, our companies provide top-quality building products in such key categories as room and whole house ventilation products, specialty electronic products, and heating and air conditioning systems. Nortek’s mission is to improve the comfort, security, convenience, air quality and value of homes and workplaces everywhere.

In 2014 we continued to execute on our growth strategies as demonstrated by our recent integration with Linear, a provider of industry-leading home security and automation systems. For over 50 years, Linear has been an innovator in the security and access control markets. Linear’s legacy includes the early application of passive infrared detection and radio frequency (RF) transmission, technologies that revolutionized the wireless security and access control industries.

Today, Linear delivers class-leading wired and wireless products into a variety of markets serving the security, access control, and home technology needs of its customers.

From a single door to multiple, monitored points of entry, Linear’s Access Control products cover everything needed for the home, and commercial facilities. For single or multi-family residences and smaller commercial operations, Linear’s extensive product line includes electronic locksets, stand-alone and intrusion detection systems, telephone entry systems, garage door operators and a complete selection of wireless Radio Control keypads and accessories. For larger commercial buildings, sophisticated Access Control options range from PC and web-based systems for 1-360 entry points.

Our Commercial and Professional Residential automatic gate operators and access controls are distributed through professional dealers and distributors and are made for every type of application in urban, rural, commercial and industrial environments. This integration positions us, as one of the world’s top-tier hardware developers and manufacturers in the growing consumer, residential and commercial security and access control markets.  Our technologies and product pipelines are aligned with future trends in the consumer and residential security market as it evolves toward becoming a combined security and web-based home automation space.

GTO Access System’s future market initiatives will focus on further growing our recognized brands. With Mighty Mule in the consumer market, and the Linear brand in our residential and commercial operations, alongside other successful brands that we have in our current product portfolio. Ensuring our vision of being the leading company in innovative perimeter security, access and control products to homes and businesses throughout the world.

Our Mighty Mule brand has been in the market since 1987, as a leading provider of DIY access control system solutions for consumers. GTO distributes Mighty Mule Do-It-Yourself automatic gate operators and access controls through National Home Centers as well as Hardware and Agricultural Supply stores worldwide. Our products can be found throughout the United States in stores like Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Wal-Mart, Northern Tool & Equipment, Costco, Amazon, Ace Hardware, True Value, Menards, and Do it Best among others.

Traditional gate operators are often expensive and require professional installation.  With Mighty Mule, customers can setup one or multiple gate openers without needing to call a professional. Mighty Mule automatic gate openers work on all types of gates, enabling customers to have perimeter security in an affordable and convenient manner. With Battery-Backup, Extended Warranties, Multiple Remotes, Digital Keypads, and access to 24/7 Tech Support, it’s simple to setup a Mighty Mule gate opener system. Mighty Mule offers more than just gate openers, we provide full perimeter security with additional products such as Wireless Vehicle Sensors, Wireless Driveway Alarms, Solar Panels, Intercoms, Cable gate locks, and Gates.

Our products are second to none, with a world-class customer support team ready to help our customers. Our support service is superior because all of the technical support departments are highly trained and qualified employees who work here at GTO. So when you speak to one of us, you are getting an expert who lives and breathes our product, and whose ultimate objective is to have a satisfied consumer. From design to performance to support, every product line sets a new standard—and revolutionizes how we live and work.

GTO is not standing still; the future holds great promise in new home technology.  Integrated Automation Design products are allowing homeowners and businesses even greater control over their environment and security. GTO’s technology development processes, manufacturing experience and superior customer support will lead the way to developing this emerging market, with a single, unifying purpose: to make our customers’ lives better.